Standard Wedding ~ $250

Standard Wedding Service Includes:

  • Consultation
  • Wedding Music
    • Prelude Music (As guests are arriving)
    • Ceremony Music
    • Post-ceremony Music (as guests are dismissing)

Cocktail Hour ~ $50

If the event is outside the Southern Maryland area, an additional travel fee applies.

Social Events

Social events, such as celebrations, teas, dinners, etc., are priced on an individual basis, starting at $50 per hour with a minimum one hour booking. Additional mileage fee for events farther than 25 miles from Hollywood, Maryland.

Non Profit Events

I do offer special discounts for non-profit organizations. Please contact me for details.


Q: Why should I pay extra for live music at my wedding? Isn't a DJ the same thing?

A: Not even close! Three reasons live music is better:

  • It's memorable. At almost every wedding people make comments such as "I've never actually seen a harp before!" People often take pictures or videos of the performance because of how rare it is to see a harp.
  • It's custom. Your music will transition gracefully when it's time to proceed with the ceremony.
  • It's aesthetic. No gigantic black speakers in the background of your wedding pictures.

Q: The harp is such a delicate instrument. Won't it be too quiet for my venue?

A: Not my harp! I have my own amplification system wired into the instrument and a portable speaker so no matter where your ceremony is held, the music will be enjoyed by all.

Q: Do you perform outdoor ceremonies?

A: Absolutely! And at no extra cost. Most of my weddings are outdoors.

Q: Does your harp need any special accommodations, such as a platform or shading?

A: No. Because it's somewhat smaller than a pedal harp, the only special accommodation is a chair for the harpist.